03 August 2018

The new single "My Heaven"

We are very happy to break our long silence with a new cool and great single My Heaven! We’re swinging the door open for our new amazing life that full of music and creativity. We think this song is the only one that has a real history and not an easy fate. 

This single is a result of all events that have happened with us in this year. And we’re really proud to have coped with it! We’ve assembled the pieces of the song like broken glass in order to believe in ourselves and to keep walking to our goal.

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20 January 2017

A new drummer of SACRAMENT

Great news every one!!! This was unexpected eve for us! Tadaaaa: since January 19 th Sergey Ivanov is a new drummer of Sacrament! It took us a half an hour to understand he was a great musician and quick on the uptake! Sergey, welcome to Sacrament!!!

31 December 2016

Happy New Year!

Dear Friends! 
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Love each other, make your lives happier, live for the present, be kind, listen to good music and never forget that your whole life is in your hands. See you on our gigs!!! 
Truly yours, Sacrament!

12 December 2016

Official release of the single "V Raznie storony"

From now on our new single "V raznie storony" is available everywhere for buying and online listening. You can support us and put the song into your playlist on iTunes and BANDCAMP.


the new single


available for listening

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The date of the release - 08/03/2018  

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The history of Sacrament starts in 2005 and since the very beginning the band declared itself to be one of the best bands of St. Petersburg in gothic-metal genre. Sacrament used to share stage with bands like Moonspel, Evanescence, Anathema, Pain, Amorphis, Within Temptation and other. The first album
«the Sobering cold» was released in 2010 and after that signed their first contract with FONO Ltd. label. EP «Join to reality» was released already at the end 2010 where songs in Russian language appeared.

2011 and 2012 brought global changes in band's line-up that greatly effected the band's sound. The result of these changes was the release of EP «Game over» in February 2013. That fact opened the new page of the band's history presenting dynamic, hard and expressive music in alternative metal style. The music video «My Enemy» was released in May 2013 to support this EP.
During this and next year four songs «Reminiscence», «Requiem», «I'll come back» and «Blackout» were recorded and released as singles.
In order to make an announcement of a new full-length album «SuperNova» Sacrament released two music videos «Who Am I For You?» and «Requiem» (an acoustic version).
The Russian version of «SuperNova» was released in Russia on 01th of September 2014, next Sacrament signed a new contract with Greek label THE LEADERS and the English version of this album appeared on 25th of the December 2015 in Europe and Japan.

Now the musicians are working on a new full-length album.






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